Pram Illustration

Tips ‘n’ Tricks

  1. DRAW PEOPLE. It is essential if you want to be an illustrator. This is true if you want to be a realist illustrator or a cartoonist. Knowing a fair bit about the human body – the skeleton, the muscles - is very useful. Go to life–drawing classes.
  2. FIND ARTWORK THAT YOU REALLY LIKE, and think about what attracts you to that style of art? Maybe try to copy it, or make some bits up yourself in that style.
  3. Get into the HABIT OF LOOKING, and actually seeing, what is around you. For instance: the lights and shadows, the patterns, the textures, the movement.
  4. Surround yourself with your own collection of books, magazines, photos, artwork etc for INFORMATION and INSPIRATION. Don’t rely on the internet or TV. You'll need this sort of information when you are thinking about the TIME and PLACE your drawings are set.
  5. READ THE STORY OUT ALOUD. Do it in a way that is lively and interesting. Better still, read it to a child. This will guide you to decide which moment to illustrate.
  6. Draw with pencils, pastels, charcoal etc. These will give you an expressive range of lines and texture. 
  7. USE A MIRROR to act out body positions and facial expressions. Put the mirror at unfamiliar angles. This alters the VIEWPOINT in surprising ways.
  8. Colour takes more planning and imagination. Think about limiting the range of colours you use, instead relying on variations in the few colours you’ve chosen. Brighter, stronger colours can be used sparingly to highlight objects or characters.
  9. Take your time. AND DRAW, DRAW, DRAW.
A Drawing Checklist for serious fun!