Pram Illustration

I had so much fun I wish you could come here again sometime.
My favourite thing was when you showed us how to draw Emily Eye Finger.
I liked when you gave me some drawing tips for drawing frankinsten and how to draw things.


All of the tips were very useful for my drawings (the tip that I listened to most is don't put too much detail). I've listened carefully to some of your great tips and my drawings have improved!
I really want you to come to our school almost every day and give us more good tips like how to draw like you!

PS: Maybe I should start calling you “drawing master”


Thank you for coming to our school and showing us how to draw the human body in different ways, like big, bold small and short. You showed me that hair could be long and stiff.
You have shown me the way to make shading on tables and houses, objects and skin.


e really appreciated it when you gave us some drawing techniques.
When we saw you draw we thought it was a piece of cake but when we tried it, it was hard.
I liked it when you made us laugh and I thought when you came to visit it will be boring but it was really fun.


When I heard you were coming to my class I was really happy and excited. I wanted to jump up and down. When you came they were the best illustrations I have ever seen in my life, and probably the best I will ever see in real life or in books.
I really liked it when you came past my desk and said wonderful things about my picture. I would like to say thankyou for showing me, how to get the shape of what you are drawing, because it makes it easier to draw people, toys, and other things.


Thank you for coming to Room 5. We kept your drawing on the window. We had a fun lesson. We learnt a lot.
I used to be a bad drawer but you made me a better artist.


Thank you for giving me information on how to draw a body’s structure. Thank you for saying excellent to me and my friend. Thank you for coming to Room 5.


Thank you for the visit. You taught us a lot about drawing the human body, like the body shape, the posture and lots of other things.
I really enjoyed the tips you gave us about drawing the human body. Thanks again!


I love that you taught us to think mostly of the skeleton instead of the skin. It helps me know where the spine is, so then I can see where the rest of the body parts go. It was fantastic!!


Craig Smith I got all of my drawing from my Nanna.
But now thank you because all of the great drawing I have been doing.
I didn’t know Craig Smith was real.
My Nanna is a good drawer and she says to me “great job Jeffrey.”