Pram Illustration

Session info for teachers

My presentations are about books and pictures – the role of the author, and editor and illustrator. But it is especially about making things up by DRAWING!

Every session is a bit different, but the following format, with variations, works from Junior Primary through to early High School. For Preps and Grade Ones it is more about drawing for fun, but still with lots of pointers!

  • The presentation starts with a small group of finished illustrations. This introduces my personal approach, and also encourages the students to look into the picture with a particular curiosity.
  • It continues with a quick sketched rough to introduce some of the basics of the illustrator's toolkit. (These large free-wheeling drawings remain at the school).
  • Then the focus shifts to an inventive, but guided, drawing exercise. The point of this fun exercise is to methodically explore: character development, viewpoint, movement and expression - particularly body language. And more besides.
  • The excercise is often based on the book Doctor Frankenstein's Other Monster. However there are variations to this example.
  • Requirements for this are a greylead pencil, A4 sheet of paper and something to rest it on. An eraser is useful but not essential)
  • An example of a different approach is for the students to have prepared a short story, then I can rough it out. Talking through the choices. (Some prior preparation is required).
  • Every session is to some extent a workshop. The details about sessions can be discussed beforehand, but generally the format suits a 50min to 90min presentation. I’m very happy to talk around longer session formats and variations.
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