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Doctor Frank’s Drawing Tutorial

Some of the readers may already know this Dr Frank.

If you have seen the presentation of some of these drawings at a school visit, I hope you enjoy revisiting some of them in this sample over the page here, Including many you may not have seen.

PICTURE THIS An Illustration Tutorial is loosely based on the book DOCTOR FRANKENSTEIN'S OTHER MONSTER by Nigel Gray.

PICTURE THIS An Illustration Tutorial is available as a 32 page paperback book. As well as reinforcing the insights from a school visit, this book is a more complex and wide-ranging version of the tutorial presentation, covering the questions and choices I've come to see as most important in developing illustrations for storytelling. Recommended for all young illustrators and art students.

Both books are also available as ebooks for iPad in the Apple iBooks Store.

Purchasing details here or over in the bookstore for other options.

Teachers' Notes available here. Free to use.