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School visits

HOW do you become an illustrator? WHERE do good ideas come from? WILL your job be taken over by computers?

For answers to these questions, and more, have a look at FAQ’s. Or, arrange for a school visit? Anywhere in Australia. Or beyond.

• My school talks are about drawing. Where to begin, what to keep in mind. Plus tips for bringing movement and expression and humour to characters. Of course with LOTS of drawing!

• I emphasise the planning process - how to use roughs to work through the choices to be made. These roughs are how I work out what to draw in an illustration, and how to shape it.

• It is desirable that children are able to have a go at drawing within the session.

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Schools across Australia I've been lucky enough to visit...

Picture: Simon Schluter / Jason South © Fairfax Syndication Yalata Primary School. Photo by Tom Stringer