Pram Illustration

My Studio

This is my studio. The desk runs alongside three walls because I need lots of space to spread out. On one wall is a rack for displaying the pictures I am working on. This is so I can see them in their entirety. While I work I almost always listen to music and podcasts.

When thinking or imagining, I prefer slow music. For instance, the music of Frederic Chopin. This sort of music really helps me think silly thoughts. It is a contrast to my pictures that erupt with comedy and absurdity. When painting, I prefer slightly upbeat music, like the Blues.

My computer sits in a corner. I use it for colouring. But never for drawing. Sitting at a computer all day is no longer my idea of fun. But it is great for all sorts of other things; like emailing and music, and the web, of course. On one wall is a large mirror. When I'm waiting for paint to dry, I love to check out the garden. Working alone I do lots of thinking and listening, but almost no talking. Even when very busy I am largely left alone to do the work.

Photo by Jessica Sanders used with thanks.
Chopin: Nocturne No.1, Op.9, played by Timothy Cullen, with kind permission of the artist.